The 2018 Victorian State Election was the first election conducted by My Vote Matters. In coordination with the Islamic Council of Victoria, My Vote Matters worked to encourage Victorian Muslims to actively engage in the election.

My Vote Matters had three primary goals for the Victorian election. Firstly, to increase the amount of Victorian Muslims enrolled to vote. Secondly, to educate Victorian Muslims on the policies of their candidates. And finally, to increase the engagement of Muslims in politics.

My Vote Matters was able to increase the number of Muslim voters by holding educational sessions on how and why it is important to vote. My Vote Matters volunteers attended mosques, Islamic events, festivals and Islamic schools, where they would hand out educational materials on voting.

My Vote Matters also worked on informing community members on the views of their candidates by meeting over 12 different candidates in 6 different electorates. Such meetings were then recorded and published in a collection of reports.

The final method employed by My Vote Matters to educate Muslims was to publish a policy score card comparing and detailing the policies of major parties on issues key to the Muslim community.

Overall, our 2018 Victorian election campaign has been widely regarded as a great success, and was highly effective at teaching the importance of political advocacy to Muslims.

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