We stand up for those without a voice.

As Australian Muslims, we’re fed up with our community being targeted by racist politicians and media personalities.

We are concerned that powerful individuals in government and mainstream media have relentlessly tried to normalise racism and Islamophobia, without regard to the impact this has on the lives of Muslims who call Australia home. As proud Australian Muslims we believe in a fairer, inclusive Australia where we all feel respected, valued and heard, regardless of how we identify.

Now, we want to use the power of our votes to send a message to these politicians that they need to do better. They need to be advocates for all members of the community, including minorities, and take a stand against those who demonize or compromise the safety of Muslims and other minorities.

This is what My Vote Matters aims to do. It is a non-partisan grassroots campaign that will inform, connect and empower Muslim Australian voters to get involved in creating change on the issues that matter to us.

We don’t take sides. Together, we represent one collective voice for a fairer Australian society where everyone feels heard and valued.

My Vote Matters is here to support you in your journey, helping you to learn more about the issues you care about, helping you to vote and helping you to take other political action. We want to empower, energize and enable you to create change on the issues that affect all of our lives.